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Here's your chance to own a truly unique error coin. This is a World War II commemorative half dollar PROOF coin double struck off center. Errors like this are very highly sought after and only appear for sale on a very infrequent basis. This particular piece is the only one of its kind known to exist.

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We are ALWAYS looking to BUY better U.S. mint error coins. Whether a single coin or bulk lots, we offer some of the highest prices paid in today's error market. (no doubled dies, mint mark varieties, or other minor or damaged errors, please). We are looking for high-end dramatic error coins for our customers.

For our highest cash offer, simply ship the error coins to us at the address below. Be sure to include a name and a day-time telephone number where we can reach you.

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  • 20+ years as a numismatic error coin dealer.
  • Past instructor for the ANA Summer Educational Seminars.
  • Instructor for educational forums at many major numismatic shows, including the ANA, FUN, and many more.
  • Exhibit judge for the error category at the ANA and FUN conventions.
  • Past President and board official for CONECA.
  • Past President for NECOLI.
  • Recipient of the Dr. King award and numerous literary awards.
  • Certified numismatic advisor with Adelphi University.

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